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Pinewood Derby/RC Races

The Pinewood Derby and RC Races are fun for kids of all ages. If you’re looking to test your skill or you’re just that competitive, these events are sure to please. Whether you bring your vintage or newly created vehicle or craft one on-site, the Derby and Races are open to everyone. Just bring your smile and make sure to cheer everyone with good sportsmanship!

2018 Conclave Valve Cover Racer Guidelines

Valve Cover Racing

Valve Cover Racing is coming to Conclave in 2018! Detailed below is the set of rules adopted by the 2015 Enclave for a competition among members of both clubs. Since neither Club has formally adopted a fixed set of guidelines, this combination is presented as the current set of rules at both Conclaves and Encounters.

The competition will be a double elimination format for two classes (Stock and Modified) and two age groups (Juniors and Seniors) as further explained below.

Here are the basic rules for ALL VCRs:

  1. The car must be constructed from a BMC valve cover, or BMC style aftermarket cover
  2. Any style of wheel, bearing or lubrication is allowed;
  3. All motive force must be provided by gravity;
  4. No electrical, magnetic devices or mechanical propulsion is allowed;
  5. VCRs must run through the finish line within the marked course for a valid run;
  6. There are no construction material or height limits on VCRs;
  7. The VCR must fit on the starting area of the track in order to qualify to run;
  8. Decoration and personalization is encouraged!

The “Stock” Class VCRs meet the following criteria:

  1. Length not to exceed 28"
  2. Wheel diameter not to exceed 6"
  3. Weight not to exceed 10 pounds
  4. 4 wheels placed near the 4 corners of the valve

The“Modified”Class of VCRs thatdo not meet all ofthe above Stack criteria. Examples of elements that move a VCR from the Stock to the Modified Class include:

  1. More or less than 4 wheels
  2. Wheels larger than 6"
  3. Weight more than 10 pounds
  4. Longer than 28"
  5. Any other modification which, in the opinion of the Chief Judge, provides the contestant an unfair advantage over Stock VCRs.

The contest itself is run as follows:

  1. We will continue to separate the drivers into Junior (under 12 years of age) and Senior (12 or older) classes. Men and women are in the same class for this competition;
  2. Contestants will be paired in each classification and get at least two official runs prior to elimination;
  3. In order to classify each VCR, a “Tech Inspection” will be held beginning 1 hour prior to the race. Appropriate inspection stickers will be provided. Driver’s names will be collected and classification of that driver and VCR assigned at that time;
  4. All VCRs will be declared either Stock or Modified in the process of the “Technical Inspection”;
  5. In order to assist the Chief Judge and other personnel, name tags will be provided to the drivers which must be worn during the competition;
  6. VCRs can be shared among drivers of both classes with appropriate notice to the Chief Judge for ease record keeping;
  7. A double-elimination system will be used for each class, culminating in a runoff for the ultimate Grand Champion at the end of the day;
  8. The results of the registration, classification and results will be recorded on official forms to create a permanent record and reduce any clerical errors on the part of the organizers
  9. Awards will be given out for each class and for the Best Decorative Design as chosen by the audience;

    The Chief Judge will be available to address any concerns. The decisions of the Chief Judge shall be considered final.